How Do You Report CSA?

Shiloh Connor
3 min readMar 20, 2023


This is an unfortunate question that becomes more and more important to ask over time.

More and more lately, we discover that youtubers, artists, directors, politicians, actors, and the like are hiding abusive and predatory tendencies. Every week there seems to be a new predator, a new abuser, a new problem.

Let’s say your friend comes to you and says “Hey, I have evidence that this person is a child groomer.”

What are you meant to do?

First thing is first- what kind of evidence can you use?

When you’re dealing with predators, there are some things that are relevant to the case and some things that will be ignored. Here are a list of things you should include in your report if you have them.

  • Proof that the predator acknowledged that the victim was a minor.
  • Screenshots/Archived proof of the predator soliciting nudes or sexual photos of the victim.
  • Screenshots/Archived proof of the predator sending porn or sexual material to the victim, especially if it is unsolicited.
  • Screenshots/Archived proof of the predator initiating sexual comunicatons with a minor.
  • Screenshots/Archived proof of the predator planning to meet the minor in real life for sex.
  • Links to social media posts where the predator harasses, solicits porn from, or sends porn to a minor.

These pieces of proof are hugely helpful when proving an alleged abuser is a predator, and the more proof you have? The better chances you have of them getting investigated by the cops, and seeing the abuser brought to justice.

What else do I need?

A few things. A report needs a lot to work with, and though proof is thbrunt of it, there is always more to add.

  • The Username, Aliases, and/or Name of the person you are reporting.
  • The Username, Aliases, and/or Name of the victim.
  • The ages of all involved parties.
  • The IP Address of the accused if possible.
  • The contact info of the as many involved parties as possible.

What should I avoid?

This is a fair question. A lot of people make mistakes when dealing with child abusers, and it isn’t really their fault. There isn’t exactly a guide to this kind of thing.

  • Don’t attempt to Honeypot. Pretending to be a minor or a fellow child abuser in order to gather evidence is illegal unless explicitly endorsed by the DA or the Feds. This can get your entire case thrown out.
  • Saving any nude or sexual images of the minors. This would make you as guilty of possession as the alleged abuser, and could get you tossed in jail too.
  • Posting uncensored screenshots of the images of the victim. This would make you a distributor.

Where do I go from here?

So. You have the evidence, the contact info, and maybe even a lawyer. What now?

If you know the victim personally, sit with them and help them file a report with their local police department. Hand over all the collected evidence to the police, and let them take over from there. It may be a good idea to consult a lawyer as well, or look into finding a therapist.

If you only know them online, you have a few options.

Here is a list of links to places you can file the reports/tips about what you’ve found or been given.


FBI Tip Form

Europol Tip Website

InHope Hotline Map

I’ve armed you with the information I have, and I hope that you’ll be able to use this information to help each other.

Let’s make the internet a little bit safer.



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