It’s Not Just About Abortion

It was recently leaked that the supreme court has decided to overturn Roe v. Wade.

For those who don;t fully understand what it means, Rose V.Wade was a court case that happened a long time ago, and was responsible for the legal protections of AFAB people in the USA accessing sexual wellness care like IUDs, Birth Control, and Abortion. The precedent it set became the basis for a ton of modern medical privacy law, and many attribute the ruling of sex worker discrimination as unconstitutional to Roe v. Wade’s pivot point in our history.

So, what does RvW being overturned mean?

Well for one, it means the criminalization of abortion in a lot of conservative regions, like Texas and Ohio. But the criminalization of abortion is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s a big one, but it only starts there.

See, just like with firearms, you can’t ban abortion, only *legal* abortions. People who need them will still find ways to access them. So we’re definitely going to see an escalation in deaths. That’s just common sense, with how many people will become desperate enough to do things like Herbal and Coat Hanger abortions.

We’ll also see a rise in crime rates within 20 years, as lower income communities that can;t afford to raise or care for children will be put in forced birth situations. Poverty, emotional strife, and trauma are the magic three ingredients to turn kids into criminals, so the kids that would have been spared that life thanks to abortion will be forced to exist.

“Well what about adoption?” I hear you ask. Well let’s be real here my lovelies, the current adoption and fostercare system is fucking garbage. 55 foster kids go missing a year with no effort to find them, and the foster system’s PTSD and Mental Health Crisis rates are double that of war vets. So increased birth rates and higher foster population just means those fun little numbers go up.

And let’s talk about reproductive health and how that’s affected by Roe v Wade. Some conservative states have tried to rule that all forms of birth control are technically abortive, including the Pill and IUDs. So anyone with a vagina will find themselves unable to access these things in places where abortion is criminalized. This means conditions like PCOS, Endometriosis, Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, and Primary Ovarian Insufficiency will go untreated in these regions, as the primary treatments for these conditions involve birth control.

This is only the beginning though. Eugenics, medical privacy, the socioeconomic climate- every aspect of our lives *will* be affected by this. AMAB people will lose here too- because a lot of *their* Medical privacy hinges on Roe v. Wade as well.

This isn’t just about abortion. It was never just about abortion, it was never about unborn babies or lowering the abotion rate, or Jesus, or ethics. It was about control. About sexism, racism, and oligarchy.

If you want to reduce the rate of abortion, you can do that without taking away the right to bodily autonomy all people have at birth. If we increase availability of contraceptives, give comprehensive sex ed to our youth, and teach out kids about consent and bodily autonomy from a young age, we can reduce unwanted pregnancies drastically. We can reform the fostercare system into one centered around caring for and helping the kids, protecting them. We can work on our social safety nets, reduce poverty.

Your discomfort at the subject of abortion is valid. You are allowed to be sad that a pregnancy is being terminated, that the fetus that could have become a child will not grow into a human. But you cannot let that sadness encourage you to harm the people forced to make that choice. Instead, help us create a world where unwanted pregnancies don’t happen nearly as often. Where abortion is mostly used to treat ectopic pregnancies and fetal complications. There is a better way.

I will close with a screenshot that says it far better than I ever could.



Freelance Artist, Writer, and Activist looking to start a conversation!

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Shiloh Connor

Freelance Artist, Writer, and Activist looking to start a conversation!