The Decay of Predator Accountability Culture

Shiloh Connor
3 min readDec 7, 2022


Once upon a time, I hunted sexual predators online for the purposes of combating abuse and proliferation of abuse content.

A lot of folks started following my content during this era. I worked with Zoophile Police- a group of activists who exposed Zoophiles and Pedophiles to the public so people could block them and report the accounts. We learned dogwhistles of the predatory communities, terminology they used to communicate with eachother, and the platforms they used to sell illegal videos and pictures, and reported these to Twitter’s specified departments, as well as to Cybertip and the feds when possible.

I worked hand in hand with folks like Coyote Lovely, Caswarfox, and small servers like Top of the Barrel and Limbo for the purposes of combating, mocking, and outing abusers. I even lead my own case- the Slyfox investigation. We gathered three separate confessions that he was a pred- and despite this, he’s still around. Like a cockroach.

I try not to be a braggart about this era. Nowadays I focus on resource allocation and providing support for victims of abuse. It’s fulfilling and satisfying to stand with victims and help them find what they need to recover.

But after getting back in contact with Caswarfox, exposure to the community as it is now has made me think about some things.

See, back in the day, we had basic rules.

>Don’t let kids get involved in hunting predators
>Don’t get into this game for the clout.
>Comfort and Safety of the Victim comes first.
>Criticize the abuser, do not platform them

These are small guidelines we used to ensure our focus remained on justice for victims and consequences for predators. We also had standards for evidence, and a code of conduct centered around protecting our credibility and the safety of victims. There was an honor code of sorts. We held each other accountable.

Now I look at what has gone down with ZrCalo, a majority of the community no longer active, and I can’t help but wonder what happened to us.

I mean, Zoophile Police was sabotaged rather publically. Lots of the old crew, including myself, had to walk away due to mental health issues, blackmail threats, or harassment campaigns. And it seems to me, Zrcalo took advantage of that fact to wedge himself all the further into a position of power. He took advantage of people, and as a result his history as a neoconservative sexual predator has been exposed to the public.

And he isn’t the only hypocrite in this space. Joshua Vida is rather infamous for getting involved in hunting predators while being a serial abuser himself, attempting to keep suspicion off himself. Pentagrin and Stories fabricated false allegations against someone who was a child at the time.

And if we want to talk household names- there’s always how disastrously Chris Hansen fumbled the Onision case.

What… Happened?

Well the truth is, these problems always exist in civil liberty movements. There will always be predatory, self obsessed, dangerous people who will appropriate the movement for their own gain. Since the dawn of social liberation movements there have been performative allies who feign allegiance to the cause so they can profit.

So in the wake of the Balenciaga controversy, the emboldening of antisemitism by Kanye West and the conservative media, and the human rights nightmares our nation is full of… We need to remember the important things.

Doing right by victims.

Holding our communities accountable.

And prioritizing the safety of vulnerable populations.



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